Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast & Tweed Heads

Split system air conditioners are the most popular type of AC system on the Gold Coast. They are usually the easiest to install as well as being the most reasonably priced fitted option available. The air con units can be wall mounted almost anywhere and sit high up in the room, so they will blend into the background in most settings.

All Air Care’s modern split system aircon units provide both efficient cooling and effective heating to keep you comfortable all year round.

The major benefits of split system air conditioners are:

  • Cost: Wall hung units are cheap to buy and install.
  • Flexibility: You can add air conditioning to additional rooms over time.
  • Control: Each unit has a simple to use remote control. This allows completely different temperature settings for each room.

Huge Range & Top Brands

Air Care can supply and install units for people sticking within a tight budget, to people who want designer air conditioning. Wall mounted split system air conditioners have come a long way over the years and the major players in the industry have tirelessly committed themselves to improving the energy efficiency of their units. Every unit that we supply and install for our customers is highly energy efficient and very economical to run.

The team at Air Care supply and install splits from all the major brands including Daikin, Braemar, Actron Air and Seeley. We also install, service and repair brands including: Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu, Carrier, Kelvinator, Email and Trane.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Split System Air Conditioners are the most cost effective way to cool separate areas within a house. Perfect for apartments, town houses, offices and frequently used living areas.

Whether you would like a wall mounted, a reverse cycle or an inverter split system Air Care can take care of the installation for you.

A system uses an outdoor and indoor unit to generate cool air. We’ll install the outdoor unit, which houses the condenser and the compressor coil, outside the room you want to cool. The wall mounted indoor unit consists of a cooling coil, an air and a fan filter. Split system air conditioners are the best way to heat or cool single rooms.

The absence of ductwork makes them more energy efficient, as the air goes directly from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. This means there’s a lower chance of losing energy in the cooling process.

Split System Service & Repair

Committed to providing quality through a complete air conditioning package, Air Care supply, install, maintain and service all air conditioning systems from the smallest system unit to the largest ducted systems.

Arrive On Time or We Call

We strive to arrive on time, if not we call ahead. Whenever possible appointments are made at a time to suit you, the customer. When you book your job, we will provide you with an appointment window or a fixed time of arrival.

The first job of the day is a fixed time appointment and we will arrive at that time. This can be between 7am – 8am. Other appointments are booked in time windows as prior jobs can affect when we arrive at your job.

We will call you ahead of time if any changes are necessary due to adverse weather conditions, staff illness or bad traffic.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our friendly and certified team are not only brilliant at finding you the right make and model for your needs, they’ll be at your beck and call for any support, maintenance or troubleshooting queries you may have further down the line during the product’s life.

We’ve built up our customer base predominately on word-of-mouth, as we know there is no better form of advertising than providing excellent service to the best of our abilities.

If you are looking for a split system air conditioning unit to be installed, services or repaired in your home or home office, then get in touch or call 07 5568 7800. Air Care Air Conditioning offer a free site survey and expert advice to all our customers.