Package Air Conditioner Units Gold Coast & Tweed Heads

Window and split system air conditioners are usually used for the small air conditioning capacities, up to 5 tons. Whereas central air conditioning systems are used for where the cooling loads extend beyond 20 tons. Packaged air conditioners are used for the cooling capacities in between these two extremes. The packaged air conditioners are available in the fixed rated capacities of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tons and are commonly used in places like restaurants, large homes, small halls, etc.
As the name implies, in packaged air conditioners, all the important components are enclosed in a single casing outdoor unit that sits on either the roof or to the side of a building. The air is then filtered into the building by a labyrinth of duct work and are connected to the various rooms that are to be cooled.
Packaged air conditioners are divided into two types: ones with water cooled condenser and the ones with air cooled condensers. Both these systems are described below:

Air Cooled Package Units

In this packaged air conditioner the condenser of the refrigeration system is cooled by the atmospheric air. There is an outdoor unit that comprises of the important components like the compressor, condenser and in some cases the expansion valve. The outdoor unit can be kept on the terrace or any other open place where the free flow of the atmospheric air is available. 

The fan located inside this unit sucks the outside air and blows it over the condenser coil cooling it in the process. The condenser coil is made up of several turns of the copper tubing and it is finned externally. The packaged AC’s with the air cooled condensers are used more commonly than the ones with water cooled condensers since air is freely available it is difficult maintain continuous flow of the water.

Water Cooled Packaged Units

These models provide improved operational efficiency plus lower noise and vibration thanks to their advanced scroll compressor. More precise, simplified temperature control is afforded by the two refrigerant circuits and the ability to adjust settings from a machine room.

In these packaged air conditions the condenser is cooled by water. The condenser separated into two parts, shell and tube, with refrigerant flowing along the tube side and the cooling water flowing along the shell side. The water has to be supplied continuously in these systems to maintain functioning of the air conditioning system.

Water cooled packaged units have the capacity to handle large volume of air required for cooling a number of rooms. The unit can be transported very easily to the site and is installed easily on a level surface. Since all the components are assembled at the factory, the high quality of the packaged unit is ensured.

Supply, Install & Maintain

Air Care’s range of rooftop packaged units have been selected specifically to suit commercial applications, and are designed for flexible and easy installation. They have been specially made to withstand the harsh Australian climate and stand the test of time. The brands we recommend are Daikin, Braemar, Actron Air and Seeley.

An Air Care Air Conditioning technician will assess, plan and advise you of the best commercial solution to the suit the needs of your family, customers or business. We service all areas across the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Logan.

If you can’t decide which package air conditioner is right for you, or if a split system is the better option for your business, then talk to Air Care today. Alternately fill out our enquiry form and we will call you.